Holo Bliss KTE Review – Sometimes, size does matter

The Holo Bliss is a discrete, full class A amplifier with massive power and quite frankly incredible performance.
The video above is my subjective review of the Bliss, if you’d like to see full measurements they are posted here: https://goldensound.audio/2023/02/06/holo-bliss-kte-measurements/

Product Page: https://www.kitsunehifi.com/product/holoaudio-bliss-headphone-amplifier/

1 thought on “Holo Bliss KTE Review – Sometimes, size does matter”

  1. Hi Cameron, your reviews are of the most incisive, coherent, and articulate available by any reviewer in print or online, and your review of the Bliss KTE is no exception. Thank you for your insightful work.

    Mark (in Pennsylvania)


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