Consulting Services

Consulting and measurement services.
As well as my public-facing work, I also offer private consulting services to individuals and firms operating in the high end audio market.
I can provide comprehensive measurement services and design feedback including testing, analysis and recommendations tailored to your design and goals, all done on state of the art equipment. (Audio Precision APx555B analyzer, Agilent and Picoscope scopes, and other tools such as high performance clock dividers or dummy loads where appropriate.)

Testing as a service is done with full discretion and NDAs can be signed if desired. Information or results are only published if you request it.

I also offer consulting in relation to marketing and product design, helping firms to create and market products effectively within a competitive market with ever-changing desires and priorities. The high end audio market and its desires can be difficult to interpret, but as someone with not only the personal subjective and objective experience with a great number of products in a range of categories and price brackets, but also being fully immersed within the community itself, I am in a unique position to offer advice on how best to design and market products to this market segment.

Additionally, if you would be interested in producing a product in collaboration with me please do reach out at [email protected] !

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