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About me:
I am a 23 year old Economics graduate with a passion for everything related to music, audio, and technology.
I love trying new ways and equipment to listen to music, and for me it’s not about finding what’s ‘best’, but hearing how many wonderful ways our music can be presented.

I love not only trying and subjectively reviewing gear, but also looking deep into how products work, what has been done well and not so well, finding why certain behaviours affect what we hear, and learning more about the field as a whole.

Why are my reviews different?
I do two things differently to most reviewers. Firstly, I never use affiliate links, never take payments or sponsorships from manufacturers, and never do anything which would in any way introduce the potential for bias. Honesty and integrity are my primary aims, not making money.
I do this because I love it, and I want my reviews to be unquestionably honest and transparent. I don’t want any viewer or reader to ever have to worry that I’m only speaking positively about a product because I’m being paid to, or getting commission from affiliate link sales. For this reason I also put out reviews at a slower pace, focusing on quality over quantity.
Money I receive from youtube, patreon, sponsorships etc is used for channel-related purposes like acquiring the APx555 analyzer, paying for shipping of items viewers send, upgrading camera and lighting equipment, and purchasing items for the purpose of review.

Secondly, I sit quite firmly in the middle of ‘subjectivist’ and ‘objectivist’.
Measured performance is important, and can tell us so much about the gear we enjoy. I’d never want to get a truly bad/problematic piece of equipment, but only the deaf follow measurements without ever listening.
Test condition measurements are no guarantee of good sound, and there are many excellently performing products which sound quite different to eachother.
Subjective AND objective information are equally important and I aim to provide both in a fair, reasonable and concise manner.

Would you like to send something for review?
Firstly, thank you! I’m always keen to try out and review new stuff. If you are a viewer with something you’d like to send or a manufacturer, then please do send me an email.
Please be aware that because I like to thoroughly evaluate products, and am NOT doing this as a job, it does take some time to review products sent in and so I cannot guarantee that I’ll get to it in a short timespan. If there is a product you’d like me to review and publish close to a release date etc then please contact me in advance.

Additionally, as previously mentioned, I do not use affiliate links (though will of course put the link to your store in the video description and mention it verbally), and do not take payments or sponsorships from manufacturers.
It is simply a case of lending me a product in exchange for an honest review, no strings attached.
If you’d like to let me keep the product after that would be much appreciated but is by no means necessary. If you do let me keep it, the product will not be sold, but will be kept for use and comparison in future videos.

If you are wanting to discuss potential sponsorship arrangements please see this page: https://goldensound.audio/sponsorships/

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