Luxury and Precision W2 Measurements

Test Setup:

– Audio Precision APx555 B-Series Analyzer with 200kOhm input impedance
– Audioquest Mackenzie RCA/XLR cables
– USB Source: AMD PC via ifi iGalvanic 3.0 and iUSB 3.0
– L&P included USB C cable
– Pentaconn to XLR adapter by Skedra ([email protected])
– L&P included USB C cable
– All measurements shown in this post are taken with USB input, Balanced output, 44.1khz sample rate, Normal filter, and Tune 01 unless otherwise specified
– Full reports containing additional data and test configurations are attached
– Exact analyzer/filter configurations for each measurement are detailed in the full reports


The L&P W2 is a fairly affordable ‘dongle’ DAC and headphone amp from Luxury and Precision, who are well known for their high end, portable R2R DAPs.

The W2 is small, flexible, with more features than you’d normally see on a product this size, including custom tuned EQ profiles for specific IEMs.

Content and analysis made possible thanks to support from, and supporters

Full Measurement Reports:

Reports available here:


Dynamic Range (AES17): 127dB

SNR: 128dB

Noise Level RMS (20-20khz): 1.44uVrms

Noise Level RMS (20-90khz): 43.4uVrms

DC Offset: 38uV active, 167uV idle

Measured Output Impedance: 0.73Ω Balanced

Before we look at objective performance, lets have a look at the EQ and tuning options that the W2 offers:

EQ profiles (Absolute values)
EQ Profiles (Normalized to 1khz)
IEM Tuning profiles

Individual EQ profiles:

1khz 0dBFS:

1khz -3dBfs:

1khz 700mv 300ohm (Headphones):

1khz 50mv 12 ohm (IEMs):

50mv performance is great, ideal for IEMs

THD+N / Frequency:

40khz bandwidth
20khz bandwidth


Bit of weird behaviour here, not sure what’s going on

SINAD/THD+N vs output level:

IMD (SMPTE) vs Output Level:


-90.31dBfs 1khz Sine (Recorded with 192khz ADC Sample Rate):

Filter Ultrasonic Attenuation:

Idle Noise Spectrum upto 1.2Mhz:

44.1khz Jitter (USB):

48khz Jitter (USB):

Jitter performance is very good. Couple small spurs close to the fundamental but very good.


NOTE: I am using a new, higher FFT count method for this test. It may not be directly comparable to older measurements.
Additionally, I really struggled to get the W2 to play consistently at 192khz. It kept dropping samples and so this test took many attempts to get one without clipping/dropped samples. This was the best one I could get.

5 thoughts on “Luxury and Precision W2 Measurements”

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing.
    Im really enjoying the W2. Checking your test for Tune 01 and Tune 02 I could only find subtle differences on SINAD. Do you see any other difference thats worth mentioning?

  2. Kudos for the great work as always! The W2 is truly laudable. One thing I noticed about the USB J-TEST: I think the difference between the 44.1khz and 48khz chart is caused by a bug of APx555. The 48khz one is closer to the actual case. WolfX discussed this with RME when he measured the ADI-2 DAC FS. Source: (at the end)

  3. Another awesome review. Thanks. What filter did you like the best? Looks like you tested “Fast” for the ultrasonic attenuation. I found some permutations of Tone 01 or 02 with “Fast” and “LL Fast” filters were preferred over others depending on the headphones or IEMs I was using.


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